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Snatches with Rob

3 x 3 bench press. Either do the same weight from last week or build to 5-10# heavier

‘The Rugged Six Pack’
4  Quality Rounds of
5 Front Squats @ Body Weight. From the rack. Rxers take this from the ground.
10 Toes To Bar*
-Rest as needed

*if you cannot do TTB do Strict Hanging Leg Raise

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Your August Member Of The Month- Bill Sweeney!

Your August Member of the Month- Bill Sweeney!

Congratulations to our August Member of the Month- Bill Sweeney! If you know Rugged you know Bill- he's one of the most reliable and steady presences we have at Rugged, from his tireless work ethic and his burgeoning mastery of the rings (front levers next) to his participation in all awesome Rugged events (ski trip heyyy), Bill has been one of the our cornerstones here at Rugged ever since he joined.  Be sure to congratulate…

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