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Hey Rugglets,

In the quest to further refine and tighten up the feng shui of our box, here is the newest iteration of our weekly schedule:

Good for at least another week.

The big change here is the introduction of the new 10:30-12:30am open gym on the weekdays. You've all been asking for it for a while and we've finally found a way to make it work. As I said yesterday, come in and do some mobilizing, get in some additional strength or gymnastics technique work, or hit the daily WOD at your convenience. Mondays and Fridays 10:30-12:30am will also function as open gym slots if for some reason you didn't want to get strong and awesome in my House of Brause class, which leads me to my second point.

Second announcement- my House of Brause powerlifting class will be moving from it's awkward and strange 1:30pm time slot to a more convenient and sexy 10:30am timeslot on Mondays and Fridays (no longer competing with Days of Our Lives!). Quick refresher on what this is: each class is 90 minutes long and is lifting focused, on Mondays we'll be pressing and deadlifting and on Fridays we'll be benching and squatting, both ending with assistance work and possibly some quick conditioning.

The only other change is we've officially added the Saturday lifting session to our schedule. I had a great time with it last weekend and I hope you did too. Here we'll have a few flavors of lifting programming available for you, you'll be able to do work on your olympic lifts, do some of the House of Brause work, and I'll probably be wedged in a corner somewhere working on some strongman stuff if you want to join me on that. This class is very freeform, we'll have the programming available for you and will be there to help you out, but what you choose to do will largely be up to you.

That about wraps it up, the only other thing I have to say is- Zen Planner! Get on it!




2RM Push Jerk


15 Min EMOTM

1st Min: 2 Push Jerks

2nd Min: 25s Wall Sit

3rd Min: 15 Russian KB Swings (go heavy!)



New Mid-Day Schedule

Rob squatting his face off at the Fall Freesome.

Hey Rugglets,

Exciting announcement for next week, due to popular demand we'll be adding mid-day open gym time! Starting next Monday from 10:00am to 12:30pm we'll have open gym time where you can hit the daily WOD at your convenience, get in some extra mobility/goat work, or get some heavy gym-rat-style lifting in (note: this will be replacing the 10:30am regular class).

We're hoping this additional open gym time creates an environment where you can come in, put in some serious work on any weak points holding you back, and make some tremendous improvements as athletes.There will of course be a coach on duty to help you with whatever you're working on. The full revised schedule (including some more conveniently placed House of Brause classes) will be posted tomorrow.


Bench Press 3x3
Reverse Lunges 3x6 each side

Mental Strength:
'Walk the Plank'

14 Unbroken Back Rack Lunges (115/80)
-Rest 45s-
14 Unbroken Front Rack Lunges
-Rest 90s, change weight-
28 Unbroken Back Rack Lunges (95/65)
-Rest 45s-
28 Unbroken Front Rack Lunges


The TZ and Jamie Halloween Spooktacular

Hey Rugglets,

Halloween is rapidly approaching and it's time to get the hypetrain rolling. It's been mentioned before, but on Friday the 31st TZ and I are going to be hosting a Halloween party at the box. Following the 7:30pm class that evening we'll have a costume contest, feats of strength, drinks, and other amazing stuff. I don't know what else it's going to entail yet because neither of us are the type of guys to plan things more than a week in advance, but it's going to be bomb.  Be there.


Snatch- Build to a heavy single


12 min EMOTM 
Even: 8 Ring Push-Ups
Odd: 10 Toes-2-Bar

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