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WOD: 5/26/15

WOD: 5/26/15

Murph throwback. Jess Rx-ing pushups

REPEAT WORKOUT TUESDAY. If you missed Sunday’s class then today is your day to make up the workout.

Every :30 seconds for 5 minutes perform 2 power snatches @ 60% of 1rm. Do not go heavier than 60%

Choose one

row 1k For Time


300 double unders For Time*

OTM do 3 burpees

Double Under-ers have to stick to a number that will let them jump for a minimum of 3 minutes and a max of 6

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‘Murph’ Class Details And Tip Of The Week

'Murph' class details and Tip Of The Week

Happy almost Memorial Day everybody! We hope you're enjoying the workouts and strength gains at the box this spring. We have a lot more in store for you this summer, so keep getting to class and progressing in your CrossFit regime! With 3 months of beautiful weather coming up you can bet you'll be challenged physically as well mentally with our workouts. Some announcements for you. Memorial Day Hours This Monday we will be running TWO classes for Memorial Day Murph. A 730am and 1130am class will be doing the Hero workout. If you haven't done Murph before, it is worth trying. A staple workout across the CrossFit community, the benchmark workout is to honor fallen soldier, Michael Murphy, who died in 2005. A 1-mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 pushups, and 300 air squats, partitioned however you choose, closed with another 1-mile run. All other classes on this day will be cancelled. Mark your calendars and come out and enjoy the Murph party! Tip Of The Week This week's tip of the week, "if you put in the time, the work pays off," is inspired by teachers and coaches over my lifetime. I offer a some advice that can help ramp up your performance…

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