Labor Day Schedule and September Throwdown Strength Standards

Like it ain't no thang- Karan powers through 15 clean and jerks and looks good doing it .

Hey Rugglets,

Some important info for you:

-On Labor Day (Monday) we will have one class at 9am. The schedule will be normal the rest of the weekend.
-The sign-up sheet for Rugged's September Throwdown is up! The sheet is located on the front desk. There will be 4 divisions: RX Women, RX Men, Scaled Women, and Scaled Men. In order to compete in the RX Divisions you should should have the following movements (numbers/movements on left are for men, on right for women):

Power Snatch (100/70)
Front Squat (225/135)
Deadlift (315/200)
KB Swing (70/44)
Wall Balls (20/14)
Strict or kipping HSPU/Strict Push-Ups
C2B Pull-Ups/Red Band Pull-Ups
Double Unders

Just because a movement is listed here does not mean it will necessarily be in the competition.
Any athlete at Rugged will be able to compete in the Scaled Divisions.
As always our competition will have fabulous prizes. Entry fee is $20. Sign up now!


4x2 Push Press @ 80%


"Steady-State Sally"
Every 3 Minutes for 24 Minutes Switch Movements:
A) 150 Double Unders
B) 400m Run
C) 50 Russian KB Swings (53/35)
D) 500m Row

You will cycle through these movements twice.
Finish the work before the 3 minutes is up and you get to rest.
It pays to win!


Lords of the Rings

Some rings inspiration for you all. Muscle-ups are only the start, get after it!

3x4 RDL @ 95%


For Time:
7 Muscle-Ups
15 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
1000m Row

House of Brause @ 1:30pm:
3x5 Close-Grip Bench
3x5 Box Squat

12x Barbell Rows
12x Ring Dips
12x Reverse Lunges off Box
One-Arm Farmer's Carry


Twist and Shout

Cut and drive! Zach powers up the hill after some grueling 800m's.

2+1 Power Snatch + OHS @ 70%, 75%, 80%
3 x1+1 @ 85%


'Twist and Shout'
AMRAP 10 Min:
10 Muscle Snatches (75/55)
20 Box Jumps (24/20)
10 Lateral Bar Burpees

*Shoot for 3+ rounds*

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