The Great Rugged Shoe Clean-Out

Hey Rugglets,

I'm excited to tell you that we've just replaced our crummy, architecturally unsound shoe rack with a top-of-the-line Swedish engineered (just like Eleiko!) shoe rack. To take advantage of this major addition to the box we'll also be holding a shoe clean-out as I realize some of the crusty, fetid shoes in our previous shoe rack are never worn and serve no purpose other than to lower our property value. I personally undertook the task of touching and moving all your shoes on top of the shoe rack (because being a great coach is all about self-sacrifice). Any shoes NOT in the new shoe-case by next Wednesday will be donated to Goodwill. Remember, there are weak kids somewhere in Allston who need your unused olys!


My favorite is the lone dress shoe in the front.

The shape our old shoe rack naturally assumes when it encounters physics.

5x 2+2 Snatch Pulls + Snatch Pulls from BTK @ 85%

'Jacob's Ladder'


A Shallow Death

 A few of the smiling faces from our weekend whitewater rafting/camping trip. Obviously this was the good-looking boat.

EMOTM 12 min
1st min: 35 Double Unders
2nd min: 14 Ring Dips
3rd min: 16 Lunges


'A Shallow Death'


We Survived!

Rich Froning- 4 times CrossFit games champion, GOAT.
-Photo from games.crossfit.com

Hey Rugglets,

A big thank you to all you ruggedeers who made it out this weekend and made the whitewater rafting/camping trip such a successful one, you're definitely encouraging us to get more and more ambitious with our trip plans in the future!

On another note, I hope you all got a chance to watch some of the CrossFit Games this weekend, Rich Froning made an incredible comeback on Sunday to become four-time champion. Previous Games champion Annie Thorisdottir also staged an amazing comeback on the last day of competition, but still came in second place to five-times games competitor Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.

You can read more about in and watch some of the coverage here: games.crossfit.com.

Now that that's all done with, on to another great week of getting stronger and faster!


7 min EMOTM
Hang Power Snatch + Push Press + Overhead Squat
@ 70-75%

'Big Ben'

House of Brause @ 1:30:
4x4 Press
4x4 Deadlift

Double KB Presses
Glute-Ham Raises
Standing Ab Fallouts

10x Sled Pushes

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